Dynamid is a research team focused on dynamid software and distributed systems.

We are part of the CITI Laboratory at INSA Lyon, France.

Our research

Dynamic Environments

Several environments are emerging, all with high dynamic properties:

  • Internet of Things - with e.g. the dynamic discovery and adaptation to different hardware
  • Smart Cities - with e.g. the dynamic trafic and energy management
  • Smart Buildings and Houses - with e.g. the dynamic user-adapted light and heating control
  • Vehicular Networks - with e.g. the dynamic, autonomic driveless guidance
  • Mobile Cloud Computing - with e.g. the dynamic provisioning and load-balancing service management.

Hot Research Topics

We focus on designing Integrated Software Systems, especially System of Systems and Middleware, including specific programming languages, operating systems, virtual machines, service-oriented architectures, distributed systems to tackle at runtime the dynamic nature of these environments. Our software development process and platforms particularly focus on two major issues:

  • Adaptive in the Small
    • Context-aware Domain Specific Languages
      • Context-aware Primitives
      • User Profiling and Adapting
      • Heterogeneous Hardware / Software-specialization
    • Adaptive Virtual Machines
      • Performant
      • Multi-tenant
      • Embedded
      • Run-time Evolving
  • Autonomous and Collaborative in the Large
    • Autonomous Distributed Architectures and Algorithms
      • Self-organizing
      • Collaborative
      • Scalable
      • Long-life Living
    • Distributed Decision and Artificial Intelligence
      • Optimization and Planning
      • Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems
      • Bio-inspired algorithms
      • Distributed Consensus
    • Autonomous and Resilient Systems
      • Spontaneous Integration
      • Formal Description Discovery
      • Run-time Checking, Monitoring, Negotiation, Substitution
      • Self-healing



Associated members:

  • Julien Ponge, Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat. On-leave (Associate Professor) from INSA Lyon.
  • Mark Little, Red Hat VP of Engineering, JBoss Middleware CTO and Newcastle University Professor.
  • Maroua Meddeb, Research engineer at IRT SystemX.
  • Yannick Loiseau, Associate Professor at Clermont-Auvergne University.
  • Roya Golchay, Assistant Professor at Tehran University.

PhD students:

  • Jonathan Tournier, CIFRE grant with Algosecure.
  • Jean-Baptiste Trystram, CIFRE grant with Red Hat.
  • Patrik Fortier, grant from the INSA Spie ICS Chair on IoT.


PhD students:

  • Stefan Chitic, now at CERN.
  • Roya Golchay, now Assistant Professor at Tehran University.
  • Etienne Villedieu.
  • Trista Lin.
  • Marie-Ange Lèbre.
  • Yufang Dan.

Former members, now at INRIA Chroma:

  • Olivier Simonin.
  • Jilles Dibangoye.
  • Fabrice Jumel.
  • Jacques Saraydaryan.