Dynamic Software and Distributed Systems


Dynamic Environments

Several environments are emerging, all with high dynamic properties:

  • Internet of Things - with e.g. the dynamic discovery and adaptation to different hardware
  • Smart Cities - with e.g. the dynamic trafic and energy management
  • Smart Buildings and Houses - with e.g. the dynamic user-adapted light and heating control
  • Vehicular Networks - with e.g. the dynamic, autonomic driveless guidance
  • Mobile Cloud Computing - with e.g. the dynamic provisioning and load-balancing service management.

Hot Research Topics

We concentrate on designing Integrated Software Systems, especially System of Systems and Middleware, including specific programming languages, operating systems, virtual machines, service-oriented architectures, distributed systems to tackle - at run time- the dynamic nature of these environments. Our software development process and platforms particularly focus on two major issues:

  • Adaptive in the Small
    • Context-aware Domain Specific Languages
      • Context-aware Primitives
      • User Profiling and Adapting
      • Heterogeneous Hardware|Software-specialization
    • Adaptive Virtual Machines
      • Performant
      • Multi-tenant
      • Embedded
      • Run-time Evolving
  • Autonomous and Collaborative in the Large
    • Autonomous Distributed Architectures and Algorithms
      • Self-organizing
      • Collaborative
      • Scalable
      • Long-life Living
    • Distributed Decision and Artificial Intelligence
      • Optimization and Planning
      • Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems
      • Bio-inspired algorithms
      • Distributed Consensus
    • Autonomous and Resilient Systems
      • Spontaneous Integration
      • Formal Description Discovery
      • Run-time Checking, Monitoring, Negotiation, Substitution
      • Self-healing