Dynamic Software and Distributed Systems


Dynamid has received a research grant from INSA-Lyon as part of a BQR (Bonus Qualité Recherche in French).

The Dynamid-lead CROME project (Standing for “Coordination d’une flotille de Robots mObiles pour l’analyse Multi-vue de scènes complexEs”) is a 2 years project (2014 – 2015) that will focus on mobile robot fleets for the multi-view analysis of complex scenes (monitoring, emergency assistance, medical applications, etc).

CROME is a joint-project with the CITI and LIRIS research labs:

  • CITI:
    • Dynamid (O.Simonin, S.Chitic, J.Ponge, N.Stouls, F. Le Mouël)
    • Urbanet (F.Valois)
  • LIRIS:
    • Imagine (C.Wolf, A.Baskurt, E.Dogan)
    • Grama (L.Matignon, S.Hassas)